Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bracing for Critique

In January 2007, The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) held their 13th Annual Summit in Palm Springs. Along with colleagues Danita Delimont and Rosamund Kidman Cox, we gave a well-attended collaborative seminar on pitching photo projects and promoting your photography. We also provided portfolio reviews for photographers with varying levels of expertise.

In our seminar, we examined these questions: How can you make it easier to get your foot in the marketing door? Once you are in the door, how do you keep the client’s attention? What are some proven strategies for attracting publishers and photo buyers? How can you get clients to come back to you for more work?

My services including providing photographers and agencies with answers to the above!

I mentioned I also provide portfolio reviews. At the conference, my reviewees rated the various aspects of my review as 100%/Excellent/Above Average. This is as good as it gets! The organizers told me I tied for the highest number of positive responses.

Here are some of their comments:
…direct …on task…great ideas...”
“She made me feel important…”
“Very Helpful.”
“The BEST reviewer.”
“Really helped me find a focus…”
“Full of great ideas.”
“Extremely helpful and encouraging. My hour spent with Jain was the highlight of my Summit experience.”
“Suggested new and insightful marketing ideas personally tailored just for me….”

For more information about future NANPA conferences, please contact NANPA: (303) 422-8527,

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