Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 2008: Mentoring Assignment

A great way to build overall photo knowledge is to perform searches. For this exercise, you can use any online photo site that allows you to search and save images to lightboxes. When you are done, email me up to three lightboxes with a maximum of 10 images per lightbox.

The brief: Find a stock photo from any online source (RM, RF, Community, Microstock, etc.) for a major shoe company that manufacturers all shoe types. The image will be used for a national ad campaign. You can submit both vertical and horizontal images. Ideally, the image should not feature shoes as this is a conceptual promo. The company wants to highlight their new tag line: "When the Shoe Fits".

There will be Win, Place and Show categories with your researching credit and link to your site or portfolio. Deadline for submission is June 16, 2008.

Good luck, Mentees!