Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some Stuff Doesn't Matter

Cover: What Matters by David CohenA colossal book project by David Elliot Cohen is coming soon. "What Matters" is a collection of photo essays and commentaries on world issues by the heavyweights of our industry. It lays a thick film of guilt on us for griping about our daily aches and pains. Around our dinner table, friends and neighbors talk about the heartaches of caring for their parents, a once-great-boss turning bi-polar, the incredible challenge of getting their child accepted at a decent college and the frigging cost of laundry soap.

On his blog, you can download a free PDF advance copy. I applaud David and his band of do-gooders. I want to work on something important with the dream team. Meanwhile, what matters to me is helping people cope, one crisis at a time. Real world change usually begins in our own backyard anyway.

To lighten the mood: When I went to find a link to the book, this site had an interesting version of David's bio:
About the Author: David Cohen is a British journalist who has written for The Independent, The Guardian, and British GQ, as well as The New York Times. In 1997, he was the recipient of a harkness fellowship hosted by Columbia University, which enabled him to write this book. He lives in london with his wife and two daughters.
This so doesn’t matter that it's the bio of another David Cohen. And by now, the real David probably is living in the UK!

Update 5/28/08: David's correct bio is posted now. It mattered!