Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's Up With Your Head...shot?

Most photographers have good headshots on their sites, and they should. As for the rest of us in this business, we need proper headshots, too. Okay, I'm taking my own advice because I am chagrined to submit that same old speaker bio photo for upcoming conferences. So next week, photographer Jenny Brogdon is going to make me look great. Grin.

Jenny and I were strangers two weeks ago. I was shopping and we got into a conversation about logo design. Then I discover Jenny is a portrait/wedding photographer. Jenny has great energy and I like that we met without trying to find each another.

I live in LA LA Head Shot Land. Kenneth Dolin is big right now. I respect photographers here who grind out headshots everyday. A great photo can do more for a person’s confidence than 10 weeks with Eckhart and Oprah. Don’t ever think you aren’t photogenic. You just didn’t have the right photographer.