Thursday, May 29, 2008

Which Type are You?

Coffee in Paris, photo by JainHoly Taco does it again with a very funny illustrated blog post, receiving more than 250 responses. I love the photo choice for #4, the complicated order guy. Okay, it's a huge WOT to read the comments but they are a snap shot of what goes through people's minds when given a prompt. Wow, some are very touchy. It's okay to laugh and be silly once in awhile. I am not writing posts to be all that and a bag of Lays.

I'm sure there is a list of terrible business titles. Rainmaker, probably offensive to Native Americans, is one that sounds so...dotcom bomb to me. Stock agencies originally gave their sales people the title of Photo Editor or Photo Researcher. Apparently that is too elite for today's lowly licensing clerk. We used to actually edit images coming into the library, write captions and add keywords on the B.O.S.S. system, research and pull images based on the client's spec or request, photocopy the submission using a desk copier without the lid and an adjustable overhead lamp, write out a delivery memo, ship-label-airbill-track crap, follow up seventeen times, negotiate the usage license based on the ASMP grid, haggle, confirm, invoice, log back in the non selects, call fourteen times to get a tear sheet and the used originals back, check for printer damage on the emulsion side, "star" the published originals, and write a thank you note. No wonder we didn't have time to think up a creative title for ourselves.