Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blow Up or Grow Up

What a crabby day it was yesterday with my frustration over PDN's articles, a stock market meltdown and photographs of political candidates turned into horror shows on a magazine’s expense account. Navigate on your own, if you must, to Jill's manipulator site to check out her latest handiwork that is spawning heated comments from every corner of the photo industry. We can bet memos are furiously circulating that explain how portrait lighting for name clients should only be from the top and left in the manner of history’s great master painters.

Everyone is brain stretching for the best headlines; any substance beyond that is immaterial. As long as you hit a news cycle, claim a million hits in one day or show up as a hot topic on the coolest photo blogs, it would seem you've made it in this business. Really, this is getting pathetic. Tomorrow, I'll return to actually trying to help people as much as I can.

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Ethan G. Salwen said...

Even if it was her intent, I don't think Greenberg's McCain image makes him look "sinister." To me, he looks more heroic and powerful then he comes across on TV, so I can see why The Atlantic stand beside the cover shot--regardless of Greenberg's politics or what she has posted on her site. So, besides HER journalistic integrity might be concerned, I don't see what all the fuss is about. PDN's lame issue seems to be a bigger issue to me.(Um, I did navigate, and I've got to say that the "I'll have Sarah burn the books" poster is pretty damn funny.)