Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gadget Day

I hesitate to post something about items I assume everyone already knows about. Take Google Alerts for example. Surely you all have a Google Alert for your name? Apparently not! Yesterday someone admitted to me that they compulsively conduct searches on their name. I used to do that, too. But I told him about two years ago I started using Google Alerts. He had no idea what I was talking about.

Now I am going to tell you about this cool gadget that I previously assumed most photographers either have or want to have. I certainly want one, but it's not available for my camera model (Canon 40D) yet. I wrote to photographer Joanne Williams asking if I could mention it on my Blog (yes, it's a Blog because I take comments). She said to go right ahead and chat it up!

Screen Shades for the LCD panels on digital Cameras.

At last! You can see the LCD panel on your digital camera even on sunny and glary days! Also protects the UV effects of the sun on the screen. $25 each (add $1.00 for shipping and handling).

Magnifier: (optional) Has the ability to add a 3X magnifier, which quickly snaps on the back of the Screen Shade for easier editing of each image. $25 each (add $1.00 for postage).

Models: Canon 5-D, 30D, MarkII 1DN, Nikon D2x, D200, D2h

Here is the ordering info page. Thanks to Kris Mortensen for her quick reply to my request to feature the LCD Screen Shade on my Blog.


Anonymous said...

Love It. Need It. Want It. Didn't Know About It.

jamie said...

Hi Jain,
I read your blog every day and really enjoy it. I have been using a product called Hood Loupe. It's similar to the one you've described but this one can be worn around your neck and doesn't attach to the camera so it can be used with any camera. It's a bit expensive $79.99 but totally worth it.
Thanks for your great blog.

Emeline Rodelas M said...

Thanks for the information Jain! I always thought it was my poor eyesight that failed to see the screen and now I realize I am not alone!

Congratulations on being an OFFICIAL Blogger ~ I did not have time to vote that "yes" a comment section would be beneficial.

Best _ERM

Anonymous said...

Jain: You are so full of helpful tips, insights & ideas. Things we should all know about but hey I don't and that is the MAIN reason I read your blog so I can LEARN stuff. THANKS

Jain for Kris said...

This came via email since not everyone knows my Blog takes comments. LOL.

Hi Jain! Thanks for the plug! I might have to tune into your blog from time to time, cause I’ve never heard of Google Alerts either!! ha ha!!

Well, thanks again for the mention. I’ll be sure and tell Ms. Williams we got a feature spot on your site when she returns from Africa/Madagascar.

Good Luck with everything! Take Care! Kris