Friday, September 26, 2008

Interview with a Consultant (Me!)

There is a new interview with me on After Capture this week about what it means to be a photographer's consultant.

Part I: What She Does
Part II: How She Helps

Thanks to host Ethan G. Salwen for asking me to particpate!


Jamie said...

Great interview Jain. Congratulations. You're awesome!

Denise said...

Both articles are great. Jain’s interview is helpful, informative and eye-opening. Her advice is generous, gracious and invaluable in a competitive field where everyone is primarily looking out for themselves. Jain sets an encouraging example of how mentoring others raises the profession’s talent pool and quality standards.

CMH Images said...

Jain - Great interview. A really important point that you touched on was that maketing takes TIME. I submitted images for 3 years with only limited sales before things really took off for me. That being said, things only really turned around for me AFTER talking to you and other photo agents/consultants. Thank you for all of your help and GREAT advise over the years. Cindy Miller Hopkins, CMH Images.