Friday, September 5, 2008

Pop Quiz Time

I am not sure I know the answer to this question anymore: How is professionalism measured in this business?

Have you sold any of your images for one dollar or less? Why did you do it!? To what lengths will you go to be considered a professional? If you even once received income for a photo are you calling yourself a pro? If you only have a photosharing website, have never been hired for an assignment, don't have an agency or rep, are still paying off your first strobe kit and don't know how to use a radio slave, why can't you stomach calling yourself ***GULP*** an Amateur?

What if you had a sale on a microstock site or a relative paid you to take photographs of some event or their business? Does that justify the pro credential? To join some associations, you must state that your primary income is from photography and submit tearsheets. But association enrollments are down. The bar has been lowered so there are more people calling themselves professional photographers than ever before.

I am not all worked up about this. I am, however, shouting out to everyone who truly wants to be considered professional, "Please do not sell--or allow agents, assigns, associates or affiliates to sell on your behalf--any of your images for a dollar." To lighten up this post, here is an amusing quiz you can take from PhotoPreneur to find out if you have what it takes. Question #13 might be the tipping point. Oh, they give us another moniker to consider: Hobbyist.

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Anonymous said...

Story Leftovers: Who is the guy with that great back - WOW! I would love to shoot him! Jain - U always come up with the best images and informative ifo. Go GIRL... What a PRO you are. Keep it up. I too read your BLOG almost everyday!!