Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pay Isn't the Best, But...

Today I discovered Vewd, "a documentary photography magazine continuing the tradition of storytelling through a visual medium."

I sense that founder Matt Blalock is honestly passionate about photoj. Overall, Vewd is well done and provides another decent platform for image story circulation. My only hesitation is the exposure of your ideas without very much return, unless you bang the hell out of your page clicks. From their FAQs (emphasis mine):

Question: Do I get paid?

Answer: Of course! If we choose your work and feature it, we pass on to you a large portion of our advertising income. We wouldn’t be able to have a site without the advertisers and we couldn’t have it without you! Pay isn’t the best, but we like to think it beats giving your work away. We pay you depending on how many people look at your gallery. Our current rate is $2.50/1000 views - we pay via PayPal or a check monthly. There is a minimum balance of $35 for a PayPal payment and $50 for a check.
Is it clear enough that per click payment is calculated via unique views? I hope if you click on Morgan Hagar's photo here, he will get some cash!

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Henrik said...

Vewd looks like a very interesting site. Thank you for finding it and pointing it out!