Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December (!) Mentoring Assignment

Just when you thought you were done for the year along comes one more assignment for 2008 :-). You are to shoot the cover for a glossy magazine called "Nights" and the photo has to be a vertical. Make a night portrait using street/storefront lighting as backdrops. Your subject can be any adult but they need to display some type of trendy fashion accent. If you find good Christmas light displays, go for it, but don't make the shot look too holiday-ish, as this is for the March issue.

The cover story is "Best Places for Evening Strolls." Work with flash to light your subject. Be sure to leave enough negative space in the frame. In post, create a masthead logo and drop it in place. Add some type around the sides for inside articles to complete the cover mock-up. An alternate assignment is to only shoot night verticals with cover art in mind for the next several days.

Enjoy, and to all my terrific mentees out there: Thanks for sharing your journey with me this year and keep up the good work!

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