Saturday, December 6, 2008

Elegant & Sophisticated

I am continually impressed with the offerings and features from liveBooks. Michael Costuros is doing a great job running the shop. I was looking at their platform for a client about six months ago and going back over to their website now I see they have really expanded their community channel. I think you will enjoy their interview section, especially the one with Harry Benson.

Listening to Harry and seeing him holding that large, classy print of Jacqueline Kennedy, I felt a longing for the days when great photography was the smile of a mind-boggling subject.

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Michael Costuros said...

Thank you Jain for the compliment. I can't take credit alone as liveBooks is truly a collaborative team effort. I am grateful every day for what my incredible team accomplishes. Harry and his wife Gigi sent us a great thank you note today. They love the video. Cheers! Michael Costuros