Thursday, May 22, 2008

Q&A with a New Photo Illustrator

by Corinne GeertsenPhoto Illustrator Corinne Geertsen has asked me to review her work. This piece, "Play with Fire" is part of a new series she is developing. Images from this project can be seen in her online gallery.

CG: Do you see any market for this type of image?
JL: The first application that comes to mind are book jackets as you show in one illustration (I am thinking of Stephen King or Catherynne M. Valente novels). Next, would be promotion and packaging for Wii-type games and other virtual reality/alternate world applications. They might be used in galleries, as posters, for clothing lines, in greeting cards, on album covers and in CD liners.
CG: Is the workmanship good enough? (I only began doing this last fall.)
JL: Your technique is well developed. Each piece looks fine and they are certainly adequate for presentation purposes. I imagine you might struggle with determining when you feel the piece is "done." At this point, I would not question yourself on that too much. Trust your first thought and move to the next idea until you have a solid set of about 25 images.
CG: Do they hold your interest? How could they be better?
JL: They do hold my interest, however, I feel some are not original enough. It's as though I have seen these before, and that happens when using elements from other artists. I suggest continuing with this style but finding ways to convey more contemporary social messages.