Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Less Steps but More Decisions

Some of my images are available as poster prints on This is a screen grab after playing around in their Frame Studio.

They make it simple to choose frame styles and mats while deciding how the combo looks hanging on walls of different colors (this technology is big with cars, clothes, home remodelling and so on).

The ability to search for a photo or illustation and then instantly place it into a layout before licensing is very handy. Designers and photo buyers can use cropping tools, page backgrounds and type treatments all within the webpage, then email samples to their production department or editors for approval.

Not all agencies and photographers will like this feature. But if there is some built-in tracking to determine if the image was used, it could be a good thing. Because when agencies provide (usually pre-approved) clients with free downloads for "comp usage," there has to be follow up on exact usage. Sometimes those comping images are big enough to use without coming back for the full high res file.