Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reaching Out & Trusting

I just finished a new marketing piece for a boutique stock agency. The lead photo was a departure from the look of their past ad campaigns. They said,
OK, Jain, we're going to trust you on this one and go with your recommendation. As you mention, we're trying to reach out to a different market and show them that we have a range of images.
The promo was sent to a list I developed of roughly 2,000 ad agency art buyers and corporate designers. I am glad my client trusted me.

Promoting and licensing stock images is something I have been doing for a long time. A very large percentage of photographers I talk with want to make more money in stock, but they complain about one thing or another when it comes to their agency or the buyer's terms.

About six years ago, a small, successful photo agency was acquired by a media company. When the owner called to tell me the news he said, "I sold my soul to the Devil." Some of his photographers were happy with the new deal; some bailed. I mention this because there are many in this business with a snobby attitude toward stock agencies and stock shooters. Yet they are the same ones who, behind the scenes, want the big ad agency stock sales.