Monday, May 19, 2008

This Beats Pong 4D

The Amazing Jason NunesExperience Designer Jason Nunes has just told us about a new distraction. It's "Games with a Purpose" from Carnegie Mellon. I like the ESP Game and Matchin best. They need more photographs for the sessions, so donate some of your Orphans if you can (jk).

Jason, Wearer of Hats, is the person you want on your team now. There are at least two hundred questions I'd like to ask Jason on a daily basis. I keep it to about one every few months. I owe him big time!

My last Q: Should comments be turned off or on, because if you show zero comments after every post does that make you look like a zero? Jason answered, "I go back and forth about turning comments on or off. I like to leave them on just on the off chance that someone will someday write something. ;-)." Damn, what a waste of a question!

Try out GWAP. Then please go back to Jason's blog and leave him a comment.