Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smack Down

Hooray for Sports Illustrated photographer Johnny Iacono. He is being honored by the Lucie Awards committee for "Achievement in Sports." Anyone who is smacked in the jaw with a 90-mile-per-hour wild throw during a Mets game and still gets the cover has my vote. What a guy!

While I'm on a Strange kick, a few years later during a Red Sox world series game, John's long lens accidentally whacks a guy from Laguna (that's my hood) in the neck. The "victim" sues, claiming John and his equipment were perched in a dangerous position and the telephoto blow resulted in serious vision problems. Double Ouch.

Note for those of you interested in becoming news photographers: Here is a good ethics question thread on the SportsShooter boards. We sure don't want to see anymore retouched goal posts, now do we?