Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Skim Sites 4U

Too much stuff to read? Don't want to pay subscription fees? Skim these when you feel as though you've been buried in the darkroom of life:

Photographers: A Photo Editor (great dialogs prompted by guru Rob Haggart)
Agencies: About the Image (from the tireless duo, Chris Ferrone and Brent Phelps)
Writers: The Writer's Perspective (by Maria Schneider and friends)
Tech stuff: AfterCapture (when you're ready to enter pixel hell)
Photo Biz: PDN Pulse (news feeds and launch pad to all things photo)
OT: 15 Minute Lunch (don't expect too much from Johnny Virgil)

I'd love to do a big list of links but these are all you need, trust me ;-).