Friday, June 6, 2008

America's Past is Welcoming

Licensed from FotoliaLately the catch-phrase is Stay in the Now. But I hear the American Past calling. Last week, an editor from DK told me she was looking for global titles. I didn't have one in my back pocket to show her.

Photographer Paul Mobley and Lena Tabori's Welcome Books will issue American Farmer: The Heart of our Country this fall. I have recently mentioned two other noteworthy new projects: American Cowgirl and A Journey Through Literary America.

When the present moment of our country appears so bleak, I understand how preserving noble bits of our nation feels urgent and important to do. There is a surge or an urge or a purge happening. Though American stories may not be a fit for big One World (but in the meantime, pick-your-flag) publishers, on this day I see a need to document What It Was Like, What Happened, and What It's Like Now.

Welcome to the American Recovery Group. I am an American, and my name is Jain.