Sunday, June 8, 2008

Proposing on Special Paper

PDN April CoverIt's wedding month so I'm thinking about those down-on-one-knee or Jumbotron popping moments. For wedding shooters, such scenes can rarely be documented but recreations could become fashionable new lead shots for a couple's album. As I will explain, I'm just getting around to reading April's PDN wedding issue. Jose Villa's cover image of a Belize wedding is a mini-course. Also, PDN designers must have been giddy with the shot's space for type possibilities. Jose apologizes for not updating his blog because he's been so busy. Hey, we totally understand ;-).

Earlier I was researching fine art photographic papers for a client. I went straight to the site of trusted Ilford where they mention Dan Havlik's review of their Galerie Gold Fibre Silk paper (alongside four competitor specialty inkjet papers) in the April PDN! Ilford has since announced their premounted Galerie Boards in sizes up to 20x24". These are ready to pop into frames. Could be quite the time saver for those in-demand wedding photographers.