Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Death to Hummer

Tosh liked the story about my grandfather. She wrote, "Yikes! I wouldn't want to chase my DNA. Probably my relatives still owe people money." Ha. I hadn't thought of that.

Jain's Old PathfinderI heard consumer Hummers will soon be extinct. Four GMC truck and SUV plants are closing. New autos sales are down 65 percent across the board. I no longer drive a Pathfinder, but I miss her. I enjoyed the elevated view, on-the-fly 4WD and the overall feeling of security.

TAKE NOTE: There are unique photo opportunities across the nation to convey these stories. Chris Verene-style portraits of car salespeople, chain-smoking as they wait for their next Up, comes to mind.

Tomorrow, I'm going on a road trip for a few weeks in my 2006 Acura with navi and XM, so I won’t be alone. I found a Fuel Cost Calculator. Wish me luck. I will be posting here and there along the way.