Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Mendo Parade, © Jain LemosHola! Well, so much for posting on the road. My trip is nearly over. Before I left, I picked up a Canon 40D to continue evaluating RAW processing and workflow. Mendocino’s 4th of July Parade was a perfect event for testing. This crowd shot from the corner of Lansing and Little Lake is one of my favorites out of two full 2GB CF cards (click to enlarge). I set to RAW + Medium/Normal JPG and both file versions are excellent. This is the JPG for fast blog posting without any color correction at all.

I like this picture for many reasons. First of all, I don't remember taking it. There were a few thousand people in Mendocino that day (as many of you know, it’s my hometown) and when the 4th falls on a weekend the turnout is tremendous. In the Mendo parade, there are rather long gaps between the eclectic mixes of entries; it’s all very laid back and jovial. Often people jump into the road with their display bypassing the “official” entry rules. A man with a dynamic papier-mâché octopus was entering just off the left of this frame. Note how expressions and reactions to the procession are quite varied. Finally, just up the hill and past the trees is a place with a lifetime of memories for me.

Are you shooting any special or personal events in your hometown? If so, please send me a link to your favs and tell me the stories. I’ll be back in my office this weekend catching up. Until then, thanks for all of the sweet notes and messages while I’ve been gone ;-). And here is the octopus float cutting in.

Mendo Parade, © Jain Lemos