Sunday, June 15, 2008

Twilight Zone Galleries

There is a method to the madness of naming online galleries. Most photographers name slideshows based on common search engine terms. They use sticky labels: Lifestyle, Travel, Portraits, Architecture, Advertising, Corporate, Editorial, Food and Fashion.

So when a potential client plugs into Google: Architectural photographer Alexandria, Virginia, they are going to find you. Right?

In the above search today, Dana Hoff, who has a sponsored link, shows up in the top three, even though he is based in South Florida. His gallery categories include most of the stickies I mention. A client would need to drill down through many pages of results to find a decent (IMHO) architectural shooter in Alexandria. Showing up on a search depends on proper metatags, regular resubmission of your URL, tweaking flash code so it can be crawled and so on.

For those who don't give a doubletruck about being found by Google-handicapped clients, consider these catchy gallery names:

  • Welcome to Compton (Albertina d'Urso)
  • People You've Probably Never Met (David Cassidy)
  • Until There Were None (Krista Steinke)
  • Flower Boys (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)
  • Chairs (Cara Phillips)

    How did I find these hip sounding galleries? By keyword searching on stock and community sites and then following the photographer's name into their own world. But for practical purposes, the old standbys work for clients who use standard shooting categories to find you. When they land on your site to see your Food gallery you might as well lead them straight to it.