Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Mentoring Assignment

This Adobe Illustrator exercise on CreativePro.com, my favorite site with DIY stuff, is a great example of a step-by-step tutorial. Photographer, etc. Chad Newman just whips these babies out!

This month, write any type of "How To" article using your own illustrations. Instead of a software demo, think of a process you know well and then photograph its stages. If you grow plants from seeds, let's see your method. Amuse us with your technique for hanging a shower curtain or washing your dog. If you have Chad's knack for writing tutorials why not make some extra money?

However, if you become lost every morning trying to measure the right amount of coffee for six cups of water without referring to the instruction manual, then equal credit will be given for submitting before-and-after Silhouettes ;-. Please don’t tell me you don’t take “busy” photos or have Illustrator. You have many resources. It’s a long month. Stay frosty.