Thursday, August 7, 2008


August 6, 2008

We first approached Jain with our book idea because my business partner had spoken with her previously on an unrelated matter and had a good feeling about her. At that point, we had been working on A Journey Through Literary America—an appreciation of twenty-eight of America’s great authors and the places that inspired them—for about a year. We had taken a booth at the Book Expo America, which began in a matter of weeks. It was a critical time for us. We wanted either to find a publisher or to publish this book, which we felt so strongly about, ourselves.

We could not have made a better call. Jain came prepared. She has a grasp of coffee table book publishing and marketing that is a product of experience, no doubt, but that also seems instinctive. She made the machinations of selling a book comprehensible and achievable. She was enthusiastic, charming, never talked down to us, and impressed us with her sincerity. We went to the Book Expo with all of the information and materials that Jain had helped us to produce. But most of all, we went there armed with confidence.

Upon arrival, we found that if the Book Expo in Los Angeles were a map of the world, our booth was in outer Siberia. And yet, despite that handicap, our presentation drew positive responses from Barnes and Noble and other book buyers, members of the press, and other attendees. During the show, Jain took time out of her activities to visit us and it was actually her visit that spurred the chain of events that led to our book deal.

We walked away from the Book Expo America 2008 with an agreement to sell the book to David R. Godine, one of the most prestigious publishing houses in America. I would give much of the credit for that coup to the expert guidance of Jain Lemos.

I would highly recommend her to any person with a well-developed book idea and a desire to get published.


Thomas Hummel
A Journey Through Literary America

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