Friday, August 15, 2008

Warning! Warning!

Designed by Breaking Point I heard many things are not working for you right now either. It’s a dreaded case of too much stuff and not enough space. We are not alone. This is the good news after weeks of tackling tech problems. Spring cleaning came and went; tons of once loved attachments and software without probable cause bit the cosmic dust. When you can't see stars in the blogosphere it's time to take a break anyway.

While all the sweepers were working, there was time to catch up on reading and writing thank you notes. Do you have a box or two of classy note cards in your office? You certainly need these. It is a wonderful practice to mail a personalized note to a deserving soul every week or so. Even if your favorite client hasn't called you for two years, rather than blasting them with an eNewsletter or your latest postcard/flyer/slick promo/fridge magnet/wall calendar, sending a note card on the finest paper (with postage to match) is sure to make them feel less cranky.

For some ideas, try Red River Paper company. You don’t necessarily need to use a photograph but if you do, don’t go glossy or use an artsy technique if that is not your style. Just your name embossed is fine. Use the best ink pen you can afford. It can’t hurt to take a practice run on what you want to say first if you aren’t good at spur-of-the-moment sentences or writing without spellchecker. You will need a basis for sending someone a card in the first place. “Can you believe it has been a year since the photo show in Denver? I thought I’d drop a note to say hi and hope all is well with you. Maybe I’ll see you in Albuquerque? Trust you had a great summer!”