Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Things You Might Not Know

  1. The most successful photographers don’t turn over their entire take to the client.
  2. They also don't publish their best frames until years later.
  3. SEO is not a new corporate title acronym; it stands for Search Engine Optimization.
  4. There is something called the Deep Web and most photo researches use it to find images.
  5. I accept credit cards, checks or EFTs.
  6. NPOs can and do absolutely pay for photography.
  7. On average, 20 percent of your images will bring you 80 percent of your income.
  8. The gas tank icon with a hose on the left or right does NOT always tell you which side your car’s tank is on. Darn it!


Ethan G. Salwen said...

I knew most of it, but not the Deep Web thing. What's that about?

Jain Lemos said...

The Deep Web has also been called the Invisible Web, Deepnet or the Hidden Web. It is not the commonly seen Web that is driven (indexed/crawled) by search engines. According to some reports, the Deep Web is estimated to be several orders of magnitude larger than its counterpart, known as the surface Web.

What all this means is that the Deep Web provides a way to find databases on the Internet. Researchers can access topics, such as photography or wildlife photography and so on to find databases dedicated to imagery of their current research subject. Since it is invisible, you will have to do some sleuthing to find it ;-).

Give it a try sometime. And thanks for asking!