Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What 30 Days of Blogging Brings

  1. I am waiting to receive a set of Corbis Brain cards.

  2. Jamie Williams sent me a handmade card with my favorite photo!

  3. Head Examined won the poll.

  4. The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup tonight. Just as their splash page predicted, I might add.

  5. My phone hasn't stopped ringing since I posted new headshots.

  6. Someone fixed the bio on David Cohen's book, plus he bought me lunch at BEA.

  7. A mystery reader sent me "Clue: The Card Game."

  8. We've confirmed how disastrous keywording has become after testing Flickr and Photobucket shows.

  9. May's Mentoring Assignment is still in the works, further proving that keywords are useless in many situations.

  10. Your notes of encouragement to keep blogging are sweet. Thanks, everyone ;-).